Exercise and Sports Science Australia Conference

I was thrilled to be asked to present at the ESSA conference. The title of the session was ‘Working Together to Achieve Positive Health Outcomes: A Shared Decision Making Approach’ with Chairperson Professor Jeff Coombes, Dr Jane Thornton, Professor Jan Radford and Assistant Professor Andrew Williams.

The chance to hear experts in their field openly and enthusiastically discuss exercise opportunities for larger people was fantastic. Really interesting exchange of views, and some great questions from the audience as well.

Many thanks to ESSA for making me so welcome, and to Essential Helpcare for their kind sponsorship of my appearance.

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  1. I am a passionate EP trying to understand the complexity and journey of patients and your story and insights really stood out for me, thank you!

    If there is any way i can share with the wider community please let me know. And also get in touch if yourself or anyone else in the UK is curious to have their metabolism assessed to understand more about your unique physiology 🙂

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