These are just a few of the helpful and inspirational videos that are available. As ever, you are responsible for a thorough risk assessment before starting. Please also follow the guidance at the start of each video too.

LEAP Toronto (Living Engaged and Actively with Pain)

A really excellent starter video. It’s chair based movement, focussed on improving breathing. Each exercise is offered with variations, and it could easily work for someone entirely bed bound.

Sherry Zak Morris

Sherry is a certified Yoga Therapist and has a great Youtube channel devoted to imaginative exercises, set to music.

Brooke Pearce workout

I love that Brooke shows her body and all the things she can do. I find her really inspirational.

Anyone who has heard me speak however knows that I HATE the ‘morbidly obese’ label. I still recommend Brooke, and I absolutely respect her right to use whichever tags she feels comfortable with. Please consider the use of this triggering phrase before recommending this video to clients however.