The Stramp

The word ‘stramp’ is new to me, but what a great example of universal design. It combines stairs and a ramp to make the space accessible for everyone. A companion group can travel all the way to the top, some on the stairs and some on the ramp, and remain in contact the whole time. Love it!

The Stramp, by Canadian architect, Cornelia Oberland

Even now it’s not without drawbacks, and it’s been suggested that a person with visual or cognitive impairment might find it difficult to use.

We mustn’t delay progress waiting for a ‘perfect’ solution however because that rarely exists. We’ve got to keep going forward, and inch by inch we’ll get there!

While researching the Stramp I found this organisation dedicated to Universal Design. Check out their website, they have some great ideas and resources! Mainly US based but good ideas are, obviously, universal!