TV, Radio and Press

I am lucky enough to work as a plus size model and actress in the UK and across Europe. Most recently, I appeared on BBC1s Sunday Life speaking out about Size Discrimination in the workplace.

I appeared in Alan Carr’s Celebrity Ding-Dong, sparking some controversy over the way I was treated by the Host and various assembled Celebrities.

I was also seen in the Little Britain Abroad Christmas Special as an American ‘Fat Fighter’. Sadly this didn’t involve a flight to Hollywood as it was filmed on an Industrial Estate near Heathrow Airport, but it was still a fun experience.

The BBC documentary ‘F*** Off, I’m Fat’ featured me talking about the experience of Public Transport from a Plus size perspective. We also discussed automotive design which ended in the fantastic experience of driving round a racing circuit in a specially modified car. As a car fanatic this was an amazing experience, and while I would never be so reckless with the tyres on my own car I highly recommend the experience of shredding someone elses. Luckily both I and the Camera Man escaped unscathed. Sadly the same can’t be said for the unfortunate seagull that met its end against the windscreen but I think it’s safe to say, it really didn’t know what had hit it!

ITV’s documentary ‘Chubby Chasers’ documented my very first experience of modeling for a Fashion shoot when I was asked to pose alongside a glamour model in a matching outfit. The idea was to highlight how society finds some curves acceptable and some less so and it was a scary introduction to modelling and to being filmed for TV.

In addition, I have contributed to the size debate on a number of current affairs and human interest TV and Radio programs including:

  • ‘This Morning’ on ITV
  • ‘Sunday Life’ on BBC1
  • ‘The Jeremy Vine Show’ on BBC Radio 2
  • ‘Body Image’ on C4 with Anita Roddick
  • ‘Jeremy Kyle’
  • ‘Vanessa’
  • BBC Radio Scotland
  • BBC Radio Essex
  • BBC Radio Manchester
  • In addition, I’ve been featured in Marie Claire, Scarlet Magazine and in local press.