New Zealand and Australia 2023

Hi All,

I’m delighted to share the agenda for my visit to New Zealand and Australia. This is still a work in progress with some final details still to be confirmed, but the time is fast approaching.

I’ll be presenting with the amazing Sandra Blake, Director of Clinical Services at Friendly Society Private Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Sandra is a passionate advocate for improving patient care and is incredibly knowledgeable about the specific challenges that caring for Bariatric patients can present. I’m really looking forward to spending some time with her face to face instead of via a Zoom screen as we have done so many times over the past few years.

Obviously I am beyond excited to be taking this trip and would like to thank Essential Helpcare for making this possible. They very generously support for my message, and I’m so grateful that they are enabling me to reach a whole new audience.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of flying (to say the least) so it is a tribute to just how lovely the people at Essential Helpcare are that they’ve managed to persuade me to undertake a 25,000 mile round trip. If anyone is interested in my experiences of ‘Flying while fat’ I’ll be reviewing the entire journey on the blog on my website. I promise I’ll edit out any bad language before I post lol.

I’ve added contact names after each destination where I can, so if you’d like to attend please contact the local representative to obtain the agenda and book a place.

Alternatively drop me a message, or come and say Hi. I’d love to meet you!


New Zealand

Monday 13th of March – Christchurch Hospital. Meredith Rookes and Jane Evans.

Tuesday 14th of March – Wellington Hospital. Eleanor Barrett and Mikayla Shannon.

                                             LifeFlight at Wellington Airport. Eleanor Barrett.

Wednesday 15th of March – Auckland Hospital

Friday 16th of March – Tauranga Hospital. Katie Geros.


Monday 20th of March – Sydney TBC

Tuesday 21st of March – Royal St Alfred Hospital, Sydney

Wednesday 22nd of March – Sydney TBC

Friday 24th of March – Westmead Hospital, Melbourne. Kirra Hennessy.

Monday 27th of March – Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth.