University of Maryland Medical Centre

I was invited to take part in a presentation to Physiotherapists and Nurses at the University of Maryland Medical Centre. The attendees primarily worked in the Outpatients Department but there were others from a range of roles throughout the hospital too.

The chosen topic was ‘Caring for the person of size’ and we talked about diverse subjects including safe patient handling, the mechanical load on the body of the care giver and pre-admission screening.

As ever it was a thrill to be working with the wonderful Dr Susan Gallagher from The Celebration Institute. Dr Susan is so inspiring and every time she presents I learn something new. Her presentation covered some really interesting work on the long term physical damage that can be caused to care givers, often beginning silently and without symptoms.

As a patient I am very aware that the physical health, as well as the careers, of the people doing the hard work of caring must be protected. It was fascinating to learn that these loads can be scientifically quantified. Once that is done and the data is studied, the need to provide more flexible assistive technology becomes even more self evident.

The questions raised by the Physiotherapists and Nurses at UMMC were challenging and thoughtful. It’s clear that this amazing team care deeply about their patients and about providing the very best rehabilitation, treatment and care possible.

I’d like to extend my thanks to Katherine Frampton – Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Specialist at University of Maryland Medical Center, and to Dr Susan Gallagher, for their kind invitation to address the group.