Plus Size Handling at Heathrow Airport

I had a really interesting day at Heathrow Airport this week, working with the amazing team at Wilson James. They’re responsible for providing special assistance to passengers at Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports.

Alison Meadows, Director of Alison Meadows Training and Development runs the only accredited course for Moving and Handling in the Aviation sector. She invited me along to address the group and give the perspective of a plus sized passenger.

Absolutely fascinating to get an insight into this very specialised field, and to use some moving and handling equipment I’ve never even seen before! The space limitations on board an aircraft are obviously a huge hurdle, but Wilson James and Alison arranged a fully mocked up passenger cabin to enable us to try some plus sized handling, and some problem solving.

A fantastic day with a team of people who are absolutely dedicated to ensuring safe and comfortable transfers for their clients in this incredibly challenging environment. Alison is an amazing trainer, providing expert guidance, and ensuring the whole team are fully involved in sharing their expertise and experience.

Thank you so much to everyone involved for the invitation and for taking such good care of me.